#yearlongxbstrxct the struggle is real

Damn, time has flewn by and June is just around the corner. Seems like I bit a bit more than I could chew with this project. The plan was (and perhaps still is) to make 16 of these A3-sized foamboards but I'm not even halfway done on this fourth piece. Oh well, I'll really have to get busy with this shit! For real. Anyway, the fourth piece is coming along.. We'll see what happens.. O_O


#yearlongxbstrxct little by little

It's coming to life! I'm slightly behind the schedule here.. Been working on another drawing project for the past month or so and this year-long endeavour hasn't gotten as much attention as it deserves. But it has grown, little by little. Once finished, it's going to be somewhat different than the first two ones; More colorful with less colors. Just came up with that. Not sure what it means but it sounds good and I'll make it happen. Also, drips.

#yearlogxbstrxct 2nd one is done done and done

I had some trouble finding time to work on this during these past few weeks but still managed to add something to it each day and now the 2nd piece is finally done. I'm really happy with how it looks alongside the first piece,  it's a lot more brighter, but the change is not too radical. Similar enough, different enough. Fourteen more to go, we'll see what the next one brings!

#yearlongxbstrxct the saga continues

The year long drawing is growing quite steadily and things are looking pretty bright. They're starting to pile up on top of another.. It's getting pretty deep. Really enjoying working on this second piece and I'm glad to say that it's already halfway done.

#yearlongxbstrxct ~monthly report

Thirty-six days have gone by and these little things are now landing to new territories! And new places equal new things; The 2nd board will feature a gradual change from the pastel-heavy and harmonious tones of the first one, to more of a playful & brighter colorways, bolder outlines and bigger contrasts.

#yearlongxbstrxct 1st week & a half

New year = new art stuff! As you may or may not know, I've recently started a year long drawing project. The plan is to make a continuous drawing on 16 separate A3-sized foam boards that will perhaps eventually be glued / taped onto something once they're all done. I'll work on this project every single day for 365 days (5.1.2017 - 5.1.2018). Everything's gonna be drawn with (ink & acrylic paint) markers. 

Foam board is an interesting material to work with, it's basically two pieces of paper glued on both sides of a foam.. So it's kinda delicate and I found that out in the first hour of drawing when my pen ripped through the paper.. I tried to fix the situation but only made it worse. Being the creative genius that I am I decided to draw one of these colorful shapes on a separate piece of paper, cut it out and glue it on top of the mess I made. Soo, this is now going to be a drawing / collage endeavour, yay. I'm going to document the progress as much as possible and share it on a ~weekly basis; briefly on the instagramz and more thoroughly here. I'm excited to see where it grows from here! :-)

Stuff You Can Look At // Coloring Wall

Some pics of the interactive wall drawing I did as a part of my recent show Stuff You Can Look At. It took me about two days to draw the black outlines.. :D Every visitor had a chance to add their own colorful touch to the wall. After three weeks the end result was an overwhelmingly creative mix of different visions, interpretations & coloring styles! And simply quite awesome. This was one of the most fun projects I've done so far. Huge thanks to everyone who participated!