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          1974年领导的社会 认识到无论是限制或限制的目的在一个pt电子游戏定的财政年度的$ 2,500或更多的捐助者(7月1日至6月30日)。
          $ 100,000以上
          $ 50,000 - $ 99,999个
          $ 25,000个 - $ 49,999
          $ 10,000 - $ 24,999
          $ 5,000 - $ 9,999个
          $ 2,500个 - $ 4,999
          1974年年轻的校友/ AE领导社会成员级别
          $ 1,000 - $ 2,499
          $ 100 - $ 999产品
          $10,000 and above given by an alumnus/a to 该 BB&N Fund in a given year

          Why Give to BB&N?
          Your gift means you believe in our BB&N community and our potential to create a better future. Each contribution demonstrates your trust and faith in our mission: to promote scholarship, integrity, and kindness in diverse, curious, and motivated students and prepare them for lives of principled engagement in their communities and the world.

          该 BB&N Fund
          Making annual gifts to 该 BB&N Fund allows every area of the school, from academic programs to financial aid to faculty support to campus maintenance, to thrive. 

          访问 该 BB&N Fund 页面了解更多
          或接触 丽贝卡·隆巴多, Director of 该 BB&N Fund
          电子邮件rlombardo@bbns.org |电话617-800-2723

          As you plan to provide for your family’s future, you may want to support BB&N with a lasting legacy gift that may also benefit you and/or your loved ones. You can:

          • Provide for BB&N in your will with a specific gift amount or a percentage of your estate
          • Name BB&N as the beneficiary of a retirement account (e.g., IRA, 401k), donor advised fund, or insurance policy
          • 通过慈善礼物年金按季pt电子游戏付或指定受益人收到然后
          • Donate your primary or secondary residence to BB&N, continue to live there, and receive a tax break

          请访问我们的 礼品策划 页面了解更多
          或接触 罗杰·福生, Leadership & Planned Giving Officer
          电子邮件rfussa@bbns.org |电话617-800-2722

          We welcome investment in BB&N's future through restricted gifts to the endowment and to capital projects that have been approved and prioritized by the School's administration and the Board of Trustees.

          请访问我们的 养老礼品 页面了解更多
          或接触 珍妮特·罗森效益,管理总监
          电子邮件jrosen@bbns.org |电话617-800-2729

          We invite you to join the Almy Society, which recognizes the generosity of alumni/ae, parents, grandparents, and friends who have remembered BB&N in their estate plans through wills, trusts, or other planned gift arrangements. Almy Society members are listed in our annual pt电子游戏予举报.

          To learn more about BB&N's leadership and loyalty giving societies, visit our 捐助表彰 页。

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