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          The Lower School is the entry point to our broader BB&N learning community that spans three distinctive campuses in Cambridge. Our Lower School campus is an eclectic gathering of buildings, both historic and new, that gives our campus the feel of a small village. We celebrate the “feel” of our cozy atmosphere and view it as a very fitting environment for these early developmental years because it truly is our entire “village” of educators that takes the growth, development, 和 learning of each individual child to their hearts.


          From the emergent curriculum that derives its spark from the interests and ideas of the youngest children to the collaborative projects and service learning experiences that are powered by the commitment of our older students, our teachers seize the opportunity to guide and inspire students, mentor one another and learn together. A belief that is shared by all of us here at the Lower School is “together we are better.” We thank you for your interest in BB&N and look forward to having you come 和 visit with us in the near future.


          Follow the BB&N Lower School on 推特Instagram的 在pt电子游戏官网里面看!


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