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          Latest News from BB&N




          Trading a podium microphone for a Zoom-box unmute icon, 10 sophomore debaters created a compelling online event open to the BB&N community despite the physical distance imposed upon all by 日e COVID-19 pandemic. 


          "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" 真的来形容最近的上学校音乐剧制作的唯一字 欢乐满人间。基于P。湖serries剧院今年三月 - 斯格特的书,一个神奇的保姆谁改变正常的pt电子游戏官网庭生活的经典故事在LINDBERG来生活。


          Donning colorful costumes, and against a backdrop of beautiful scenery (fabricated in part by their own hands!), BB&N fifth graders thrilled audiences wi日 a spring production of 矮胖丢失!


          在一个“几乎完美”开始每天上课,上部学校投 欢乐满人间 落客在周三上午期间惊讶低年级学生在白金汉门和莫尔斯电建设音乐教室都表演。


          Twenty-two students participated in BB&N's 7 Annual Integration Bee on Monday afternoon. It took two hours of intense—and fun—competition to crown 日e 2020 BB&N Grand Integrator.


          BB&N students were in some esteemed company this weekend when their work was exhibited in the Boston Museum of Fine 艺术. Sharing the same roof with artwork from legends such as Paul Cezanne, El Greco, Paul Gauguin, and Rembrandt, students from all three campuses participated in an exciting collaboration with 日e MFA. 


          较低的学校 students were thrilled this week when brothers Devin and Jason McCourty stopped by BB&N for a surprise visit. As polished as their Super Bowl rings from last year, the twin defensive backs for the New England Patriots brought humor and sound advice to an assembly 日at held students in rapt attention.

          BB&N Students

          在星期五,2月7日中,男孩和女孩队打曲棍球队举办的年度“粉红的溜冰场”事件的尼古拉斯运动中心。事件特色两队打背到后面比赛,烘焙食品,并销售服装,和一个大型抽奖活动。事件今年提高了乳腺癌的认识2660 $,看到两个曲棍球队为事业努力打球。

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