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          Prospective families visiting BB&N have a wonderful opportunity to view the enthusiasm and energy flowing through the hallways. A palpable sense of community exists here, and students, parents, and faculty are proud to share their experience with future students. From helping with Open House in the fall to staffing Re-Visit Days in the spring, BB&N relies on its dedicated students and parents to communicate the values of the school to prospective families.

          上学校录取的导游人数接近200 - 将近一半的学生。由学生入学委员会(SAB)的带领下,成员都渴望与未来的学生和他们的pt电子游戏官网人联系。

          It is a testament to their passion for BB&N that our tour guides are not only willing, but consider it an honor, to carve out time from their busy schedules to tour students who are considering BB&N. The tours offer a chance to peek into classrooms and see the arts and athletic facilities, but most importantly to feel the palpable energy and witness first-hand the messy vitality that make up the BB&N experience. The opportunity to interact with a student and learn about BB&N from their perspective is often the most powerful and authentic aspect of a campus visit.


          “I've been involved in giving tours since my freshman year, and each year I've been able to see the impact it has had on admissions at BB&N. I really enjoy my role in the student admissions process because it gives me the opportunity to be the first to tell (and more importantly, show) prospective families what an amazing community we have. For me, when looking at schools, BB&N is the only school I visited. I immediately fell in love with it, and I want to do the same for new families coming in!”

          “I very much enjoy being a tour guide because I love showing prospective students the side of BB&N that is not on the brochures and website. The social scene, the activities outside of class and clubs, and, above all, the stories we create together over our years here are all an important part of a high school experience that a prospective student would want to know about. I remember that during my own high school search, despite my best efforts to remain unbiased and objective, my opinion of each school still hinged a lot on the stories the tour guides told. Knowing how important the tour is to the experience of prospective new students, I strive to make each and every one of my tours unique and tailored to the student. Before each tour begins, I ask them what their interests are and based on that include unique stories on each tour.”

          “When I first visited BB&N in eighth grade as a prospective student, I realized the importance of that ‘gut instinct’ one gets when touring a school, and tour guides have a huge influence on that instinct. I love being a tour guide because I have the opportunity to help prospective students figure out whether BB&N is truly for them and to discover whether that ‘gut instinct’ points them toward BB&N. I also enjoy meeting and interacting with the prospective students and their parents. I’m so excited to spend my senior year on the Student 入场 Board and meeting all of the prospective families on tours around our campus!”

          "When deciding where I was planning on going to high school, the tour was the thing that made me choose BB&N. A school can look perfect on paper, but being there and seeing how the school actually functions provides more insight than any leaflet or website can ever give. I think this is one of the important things that I do at the school because it gives me an outlet to show how much I love the school. It also gives kids the opportunity to see the school in a very real way. The high school process is really daunting for a middle schooler, so I like to make the process as easy as possible by answering any questions that the prospective student might have. I always make sure that my tours shed light on things that the student is interested in, whether that is science or theater! I am so excited for the upcoming year!"

          The Student 入场 Board (SAB) regularly take over the school Instagram to offer an even closer look into life at BB&N. Be sure to follow @bbnschool 跟上什么是在pt电子游戏官网里发生的事情!


            Entry Grades at BB&N

            〜初学者 (32位)
            〜幼儿园 (约8个空格)
            〜6年级 (约17个空格)
            〜7级 (约25个空格)
            〜8级 (约10个空格)
            〜9年级 (约45个空格)
            〜其他牌号 (空格有时打开)

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