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          Snack options are available in the Nicholas Athletic Center each afternoon for student-athletes in grades 6 through 12 in the NAC Cafe located on the main level lobby. Snacks at no cost will also be available for any student at the NAC网吧 (typically a piece of fruit and/or a choice of another item such as a granola bar). Pizza by the slice from Ma Magoos will be available for purchase, as will several different snack options from BB&N Dining Services. See menu below for prices.



          切片奶酪比萨 $ 2.75每
          切片香肠比萨 $ 3.00每

          New items added from BB&N kitchen listed below:

          烤牛肉和奶酪分 $ 6.00每
          鸡柳条子 $ 6.00每
          Cheddar & Grapes Snack $ 3.00每
          麦片什锦点心 $ 3.00每


          意大利冰吧 $ 3.00每
          饼干冰淇淋三明治 $ 3.00每
          克朗代克雪糕 $ 3.00每


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