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          About BB&N

          Buckingham Browne & Nichols is a day school in Cambridge that engages students in grades pre-K (called Beginners) through 12 in a rich and invigorating educational experience of the highest quality. The school excels at helping students discover their unique talents and passions and develop them to the fullest.




          BB&N has an eclectic student body with students from a wide range of backgrounds throughout the Greater Boston area. The diversity of interests, experiences, and perspectives students bring with them to BB&N is one of our greatest strengths. They learn from gifted faculty and from each other as they embrace the challenges of a premier educational experience.

          Students come to BB&N with intellectual curiosity and an eagerness to learn. They leave with a clearer sense of what’s possible, well prepared for the next step in their lives, and with a very good idea of which direction to take it.


          BB&N Calendar

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